Just Keep Traveling

Making Memories One Trip At A Time

Just Keep Traveling

Making Memories One Trip At A Time

We're Glad You Stopped By!

We have a passion for travel. 

Seriously, we do. 

Our passion shows most when we're able to help others experience the magic of travel! Planning any vacation can become stressful. Coordinating dates, times, people, pricing, & activities. It may even start to take the fun out of the experience because you're stuck in the small details. Our main goal is to help alleviate that stress so the toughest part of your vacation is figuring out what to pack. 

About Us

Who We Are

We are Just Keeping Traveling. Our agency opened its doors in 2016 and since then our offered services have expanded and our team has grown, but we're still a family run business. Our Agents are master deal finders, memory making magicians, and true professionals excited to partner with you on your next vacation! Our mission is simple, we strive to provide an incredible service at zero cost to you. 

Why Book With Us

Our Agents are all located around the Chicago Suburbs. Each Agent comes from their own unique background making them all the more valuable to our team! Just Keep Traveling does not believe in a "one size fits all " planning approach. Each and every client is different. We provide world-class service to every client on every trip, no matter the destination. 

How We Can Help

Our list of services available to you is a long one. In following our mission, we will always try and go above and beyond for you. We are invested in making sure your trip is everything you want it to be. From the initial contact with one of our agents, along the way during the planning phase, and even after you're home, we here to help!

At Your Service

How Does This Work?

We provide you with the travel options, trip packages, included features, and desired amenities that not only maximize your time and experience but also your dollar. Some of the services we offer include:

*Searching for the best options that fit your requested parameters 

*Booking and finalizing travel selections to accurately reflect your choices

*Communication with the resort or property to ensure your needs are met

*Monitoring of available discounts and promotions, even after booking

*Personalized Service from the start. No 1-800 Call Center here

*If you experience any troubles while traveling, we'll help get things sorted out for you

*Full-Service Disney Itinerary Planning 

*Many More! Services are always customized to each client

We offer these services and more! But you still maintain full control of your vacation. We are here to guide and support, but ultimately the decisions are yours!

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How is this free?

We assure you there is no catch. While there are companies that charge for these services, we do not. That does not make one better or worse than the other. It is just different ways of doing business. When booking travel, with an agent or not, you're already paying a commission. When booking with an agent that commission is passed on to them. When not using an agent it stays with the travel provider. So what do you have to lose? We only see it as something to gain. Personalized and dedicated service, at no cost to you. 

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